Solved – How to Shorten WooCommerce product titles – Limit Woocommerce product title

A very common issue: sometimes (mostly with affiliates online stores), WooCommerce product titles are way too long. On top of this, you may also want to keep the shop experience consistent, and make all the WooCommerce product titles of the same length. This is how you do it.

+ Option 1: (CSS): Limit all WooCommerce product titles to one line only

+ Option 2: (PHP): Limit all WooCommerce product titles to max number of words

+ Option 3: (PHP): Limit all WooCommerce product titles to max number of characters


  • ib

    hi pls i need help. the css isnt working for my site

  • sheik

    in mobile view it is not working

  • Sagar Khurana

    This really worked in PHP. Thanks a lot

  • ygor

    any way to insert 3 points after the titles?

  • 9nines

    Been looking for this for quite sometime.
    Thanks a lot.

  • Reynaldo

    In same way i try to figure out the max page title with option 2, but no hope hahahaha. Btw nice function man1

  • Shahadul Islam

    In Php character limit if i want to add ….. after 20 words???? What is to be added???

  • Jox

    Works perfect! Thanks a lot.

  • Admin

    In Option 1, your website’s “class name” may be different. If you need help, let me know here

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