Speed up WordPress theme with WP Rocket – Full Guide

I will share my experience with speeding up my website using the WP Rocket Plugin. Hope it helps many people

Step1: Optimize Google Fonts (Use the plugin OMGF | Host Google Fonts Locally)

1.1 Install the plugin

1.2 Optimization Mode = Manual (default)

1.3 Save & Optimize

1.4 Select all = Preload

Step2: Install and Configure the WP Rocket plugin

2.1 Install the plugin

2.2 Cache Lifespan = 60 Hours

2.3 File Optimization configure

Excluded JavaScript Files Code:

If the website is not performing well, you should disable the “Load JavaScript deferred” function.

2.4 Enable LazyLoad Images

2.5 Prefetch DNS Requests

Use the code below

2.6 Advanced Rules

Use the code below for each theme you use:

2.6.1 Urna theme
2.6.2 Puca, GreenMart, Cena theme
2.6.3 Besa theme
2.6.4 Kera theme
2.6.5 TB Sound theme
2.6.6 TB Camera theme
2.6.7 TB Wedding theme
2.6.8 Diza theme

2.7 Enable Content Delivery Network (If you have)

2.8 Control Heartbeat

2.9 Clear All Cache

Step3: Preload Fonts

3.1 Copy all of your fonts on the Gtmetrix page

3.2 Paste all your fonts into WP Rocket

3.3 Clear All Cache

Step4: If you use Slider Revolution, configure Globals as follows