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AvatarRick asked 1 week ago

In the fashion 1 template, menu option 1 the active menu item has an orange bottom border highlight. I want to either
a) move that orange line closer to the menu text, or if that’s not possible
b) remove it

I’m in /puca/css/skins/fashion/template.css and I can’t figure out which class(es) to edit. Does anyone know how I can move this bottom border up (or make it go away)?

2 Answers
AdminAdmin Staff answered 6 days ago

Hi, You can fix it with the CSS, eg:

a) Move it:
.navbar-nav.megamenu>li>a:before {bottom: 23px;}

b)Remove it:
.navbar-nav.megamenu>li>a:before {display: none !important;}

AvatarRick answered 5 days ago

perfect, thanks!

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