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AvatarRick asked 4 weeks ago

I have an anchor in the middle of the home page. That’s a unique custom link menu item. The anchor item in the menu appears highlighted/active when a user navigates to the home page. In other words, the ‘on page’ menu item(s) are being highlighted, as opposed to the active menu item. Is there any way to modify this behavior? Something to use instead of an anchor?

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AdminAdmin Staff answered 3 weeks ago

Sorry, I don’t understand your problem clearly. Can you explain it with images?

AvatarRick answered 3 weeks ago

pic here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/uqlnaan06rmc6sa/ScreenShot2019-04-26at2.56.50PM.png?dl=0 This is the home page. Notice two highlighted/active menu items. One is actually active, the other is an anchor on the page

AdminAdmin Staff answered 2 weeks ago

Sorry for the late. We just came back after the holiday.
Please give me link your website so I can check it for you.

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